Our Exclamation story started in 2012 by an Artist + an enthusiastic Chef in downtown Kitchener, and continued in Waterloo since 2016. Our pursuit of - exquisite food experience in a relaxed ambience - is nonstop ! 


Exclamation is a fusion of foods and cultures. We offer a collection of traditional Japanese dishes and innovated contemporary dishes which exemplify our passion for tastes and aesthetics. Different proteins and vegetarian options are included for people with diverse tastes and most main dishes have different portions for diverse appetites ! We want every one to have a welcoming experience at Exclamation ! 

O Cha & Shu Rui (Tea & Sake)

Now let’s start a quick cultural journey to the Far East on the other side of the globe!


Imagine a sunny mid-autumn afternoon in the garden in the Showa period, a group of friends gathered for the chosen herbal tea in a crystal clear teapot to fully expose its beauty, whereas another circle exchanged their insights on the ripeness of the local fruits, which added the exquisite flavor to their sakes and cheered for the great year !


While waiting for the food to come, definitely give a try of our herbal tea to invigorate your body or a bottle of Japanese sake served in our handcrafted sake sets to infuse your spirits. Immerse yourself in the moment and the best food is minutes away !


Simple yet elaborated is our tenet. We have board games for groups, novels for individuals and TOYS for kids ! Definitely let the kids enjoy themselves at the Children's Corner and give the parents a moment to peacefully enjoy a pot of our specialty tea !

Art & Music

If you are an appreciator of contemporary art and music, you will definitely have a surreal dining experience surrounded by your favorites ! We have the honor to present you with the work from Canadian Artist Judy Major-Girardin. The creative repetition of motif via print or paint media will definitely give you a new sense of appreciation for patterns and permutations. Though we can only offer some contemporary piano music but we definitely want to have the honor to hear your dazzling performance ! All customers are ENCOURAGED to play the piano ! 


Exclamation is not only a place for food, but a place for the overall experience ! Please come and say hi !